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3 months ago
The service I have received at Spartan Medical has been of the highest quality. They are very flexible and provide the same outstanding service they advertise. Dr. Driver has provided me with great counseling, great service, and has helped me improve my lifestyle dramatically. They will answer all of your questions and will never rush you in any way. I love the quality of service I have continued to receive from them.
- Ben B
6 months ago
I give my highest rating to Spartan. I have been working with Dr. Miller for a while now and the professionalism and service I get is second to none. I really feel like I get concierge style service as emails and questions are handled immediately. I really feel he goes the extra mile to make sure I am in the best health possible. My energy and vitality have increased dramatically. I have been in many other programs and this is by far the best. Outstanding!
- Edward M
4 months ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Miller's for 4 months now. I haven't felt this good since I was in my 20s. I'm down 30lbs I have very noticeable lean muscle mass and more energy. Everything Dr. Miller promised is coming to fruition. Everybody should be on this program if they want to be the best version of themselves. Thank you Dr. Miller.
- Kevin T

Male and Female Hormone Specialists

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte, NC (BHRT) may just be what you need. 
What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT?) 
Simply, put; this is medical treatment that helps to replenish natural hormones in your body. The decision to offer this therapy is usually reached at a visit to a hormone doctor in 
Charlotte, NC after they have done his/her evaluation, lab work, and ascertained that your body doesn't make sufficient hormones. 
Some of the conditions that make this procedure necessary are; When you have complications with your thyroid glands, e.g. when the glands don't synthesize enough hormones. If your pituitary glands can't manufacture enough growth hormones. If you're a woman in menopause and your body can't produce the vital estrogen, and progesterone hormones. It's also suitable for men who suffer from abnormally reduced levels of testosterone from primary or secondary hypogonadism. It's referred to as Testosterone Replacement Therapy, [TRT] 

How Does HRT and TRT Work? 
In administration, the hormones used in HRT for are given in; 
1. Topical testosterone gel which is applied on the arms, shoulders, and abdomen daily 
2. Intramuscular testosterone injection which is injected into the buttock muscles after every two to three weeks 
3. Testosterone patches 4. Progesterone pills
5. Compounded progesterone cream
6. Estrogen cream

For men and women, it will typically take a couple of weeks for them to start experiencing the benefits of this therapy. To experience its full effect, it may take up to three months. You may experience any of these side effects: leg cramps, breast tenderness, and nausea etc. For men, after the injection, the testosterone levels will be high for around two to three days right after getting the injection. The levels will again begin to drop gradually until you get the next dose. If you used the patches, these hormones get absorbed into your bloodstream. Their effects take more time. If you used the pellets, the pellets would release testosterone slowly into your system for some time them subside. Men usually takes around three to six months to start feeling the effects of this therapy. This is, however, not common in all men as some have been found to experience the immediate impact after just three weeks. During this period, they feel increased libido and reduced depression levels, among other benefits. 

How Do I Know When I Need HRT? 

It's worth noting that this therapy is mainly relevant for women who experience any of these menopausal side effects: 
Night sweats 
Vaginal dryness 
Low sex drive 
Mood swings 
Hot flushes 
It is mainly advisable if these symptoms are severe. 

For men, here are the signs you may need to check for: 
Poor erections 
Small bone mass 
Reduced testicles size 
Reduced semen levels 
Reduced sexual drive 
Low muscle mass 
Reduced energy levels 
Increased body fat 
Decreased Motivation

What Are The Benefits of HRT? 

The primary reasons why HRT is mostly recommended is that, during menopause, the woman's ovaries begin to produce lesser estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones are critical in maintaining the monthly cycles. They also play a vital role in the woman's vagina, heart, and bone health. When the hormones depreciate, the monthly cycle stops, and the woman may experience complications in bones and the heart. Here's where this replacement therapy also comes into play. 

Below are the scientifically proven advantages of HRT. 

1. It can help you avoid fractures due to osteoporosis, which is more common after menopause. 
2. It makes men more energetic. 
3. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charlotte, NC will also make you more mentally sharp. 
4. It has been found to boost sexual functionality in men. 
5. HRT also reduces the likelihood of some women suffering from heart disease. 
6. It also helps relieve the women of vaginal dryness.
7. It improves sleep. 
8. Makes sex more pleasurable by getting rid of the pain, which is more common after menopause. 
9. It reduces vaginal itchiness. 
10. HRT also reduces your chances of suffering dementia. 

Biomedical Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

Biomedical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is also a method of replenishing hormones which are no longer being produced by the body. It works just like HRT in relieving the hormone deficient patients of the symptoms that come with the condition. BRHT has also been used in improving cancer symptoms and managing conditions like Fibromyalgia, insulin resistance, osteoporosis as well as adrenaline and thyroid disorders. The Bioidentical hormones are human-made hormones which are extracted from plant estrogens, which poses striking chemical resemblance to the human hormones. You can find them in different forms like; injections, pills, gel, and patches etc. The significant difference between these hormones and the HRT hormones is that BHRT hormones are made from plant estrogens with identical hormones to the hormones produced in our bodies while the traditional HRT hormones are made from synthetic hormones and horse urine. There have also been debates on which of the hormones is more important, and safer. While the proponents of Biomedical Hormone Replacement Therapy claims that it's more reliable compared to the traditional HRT, medical experts are still not convinced that it has lesser risk. The major point is that the risk levels are the same. Besides, there is no major research which has been done to prove that BHRT is safer. 
What Are the Risks of HRT As far as this procedure can help manage certain conditions, e.g. boost in libido in men and reduced vaginal itchiness in women, it has also been found to have some few side effects. 

These include: 
Swelling on the ankles. 
Sleep disorders. 
Breast tenderness or swelling. 
In women, the therapy may increase Vaginal bleeding. 
Urinary incontinence. 

Who Should Not Use HRT? Your medical specialist should help you decide whether this therapy is right for you. Nevertheless, it may not be the best option if:
1. You're pregnant, or you suspect that you could be pregnant
2. You have or have had breast cancer
3. You have suffered strokes 4. You have ovarian cancer
5. Suffer from endometrial cancer, among others.

Bottom Line As much as there have been questions on the benefits of this therapy, the benefits have always outweighed the cons. The basic rule of the thumb is understanding your condition. Your hormone doctor should help you go through your medical history and approve if it's right for you. 

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